What Kind of Express We Use to Ship?

1.What delivery option is available for me?
2.How Fast Can I Get My Products?
3.Do you send out product to our country?
4.Could I combine shipping?
5.How much is my shipping costs?
6.want to change my shipping method, how?
7.How do I change my shipping address?
8.Why my tracking No. is invalid?
9.How to track my items?
10.What notice should I know when receiving my items?

1. What delivery option is available for me?

1. Overeas Warehouses Shipping: 3-5 working days. We have stocked up hot sale items in UK & Czech Warehouses ,which is more convenient for you. Faster Delivery No Tax.
Ship from UK
Ship from EU

2. DHL Shipping: Suitable for customers worldwide. Will take 5-7 working days.
3. Yanwen Express: TAX Free for European Countries. Will take 10-15 working days normally.
4. Standard Post: Usually order under 118EUR, we will send the pakcage by Standard post, no tax and the delivery is about 15-20 days.

Delivery Options Delivery Time Tracking Link
DHL 3-5 working days https://www.dhl.com/en.html
UK Warehouse Ship
(Only ship to UK)
1-3 working days https://www.17track.net/en
EU Warehouse Ship
(Ship to EU countries&UK)
UPS 3-5 working days https://www.ups.com/track?loc=en_US
DPD 5-7 working days https://www.dpd.com/tracking
DHL Packet 3-7 working days https://www.17track.net/en
Royal Mail 5-7 working days https://www.royalmail.com/
Hermes 7  working days https://www.myhermes.co.uk/track
YANWEN 12-15 working days https://www.yw56.com.cn/en/
Standard Post 15-20 working days https://www.17track.net/en



  •  Usually the not-so-valuable items less than 118 EUR is shipped by Singapore Post. The delivery time is 12-15  working days.
  • The items more than 200 EUR is shipped to you by express. Before your package is sent out from us, you are required to provide us your full & correct shipping address including post code and invalid phone number, which are very important and essential, otherwise our courier will fail to effectively contact you when the package to your location.
  • Only EMS available for Russia; EMS does not cover Netherlands. Singapore Post to USA only costs 8 working days not 12-15 working days.
  • Ship to Brazil by DHL need CPF, So if you are Brazilian,pls leave CPF number to us.  
2. How Fast Can I Get My Products?

Besides the shipping option mainly depending the delivery time, the following points are also influent  factors.
  • Your destination: the shipping time to some country is different from the other countries because of your location.
  • The package weight: the package over 21kg will arrive you one day later than that of small package under 21kg.
  • Our courier processing time: our available couriers are optional, and their processing time is one different from that of the other ones. And for several countries, only part of our shipment is available, For example, items to Russia, only EMS is available. And Singapore Post to USA, it only costs 8 working days not 12-15 working days.
  • Our items stock status: as usual, we will ship out your package in two days after receiving your payment, but for a short time our product is out of stock. When we meet such condition, we will try our best to send the package to you as soon as possible.
  • The harsh weather condition and festival holiday: sometimes the package shipping time will be influenced by the harsh weather condition and festival holiday.

3. Do you send out product to our country?

Normally, most of the items on our website can be shipped to most countries in the world. However, different shipping methods may have different limitations on the delivery destination. We suggest you to contact us and make sure whether items can be shipped to your country using a specific shipping method.

4. Could I combine shipping?

For example, two days ago, you bought one item from us, but today we haven't send it out, and today you go on ordering another one from us. In this situation, you want us to combine the two items into one package. If it is possible we will arrange to ship you in one package.

5. How much is my shipping costs?

  • The shipping cost we quote is automatically calculated according to your package weight & dimension, based on the same country, the heavier or the bigger in size, the more shipping cost the package is charged. And based on the same weight, different destination you are from will be charged different delivery cost.
  • Our shipping methods are multi-optional, and their shipping cost charge is one different from another, but in general there is not too much difference. Moreover, the shipping cost is subject to change without notice. We're constantly working on lowering the shipping prices for you though!
  • If a delivery is confirmed lost, stolen, or damaged before receipt, we will work with the courier directly to obtain information, and arrange a refund or re-delivery at no further expense to you.

6. I want to change my shipping method, how?

If you want to change your shipping method, you have to contact our customer service, you do this before your package is shipped out from us, and as usual your package is shipped out in two days after your payment.

7. How do I change my shipping address?

It is possible for you to change your shipping method, but you have to take note in the PayPal Message when you pay by PayPal before we ship the item out.

8. Why my tracking No. is invalid?

Sometimes the tracking No. given you is invalid, and you think we cheat you, dont be worried. Please read the following three possibilities:

  • Our courier hasn't updated the recent delivery information to their website.
  • The tracking code was not correct, maybe one letter of the tracking No. is incorrect.
  • The parcel has been delivered a long time ago. Some shipping companies will remove the tracking code history.

9. How to track my items?

After sending out your package, LaunchX431.co.uk will mail you the package tracking No. and a related link for tracking your package anytime and anywhere, until the package successfully reach your door.

10. What notice should I know when receiving my items?

LaunchX431.co.uk guarantees your order will be delivered successfully. After the package reaches your door, the shipping companies require a signature from the recipient for delivery and this is a fast and secure way to have your products delivered.